Licenses & Accreditation

Electrical Contractor License: 315699C (NSW)
Electrical Work License: 155394 (QLD)
Refrigeration Handling License: L143547  
Perform rescue from a live LV Panel and Provide CPR: 234211
Safely access rail corridor: CR3978
Enter and work in confined spaces, Enter confined spaces, Work in accordance with an issued permit: 234211
Work Safety at heights: RRN0010101677-100
Rail Industry Card: 000 941 135
Occupational health and safety: CG100811493SEQ1
Elevating work platform license
High Voltage training certified


As part of GJM Electrical and Air Conditioning’s strict adherence to regulatory requirements, all workers compensation cover for permanent and contractor staff is in place and up to date, as is our Public and Property Liability policy.